How to make a essay

Essay definition

The essay is a type of text that briefly analyzes, interprets or evaluates a topic in an official or free way. It is considered a literary genre, as well as poetry, fiction and drama. The characteristics that must have a essay are the following:
It is a serious and grounded writing that synthesizes a significant theme.
It has a preliminary character, introductory, of a prophetical nature.
It is expressed in a dense style and is not accustomed to detailed application.

Parts of an essay

The structure of the essay is extremely flexible, since all systematization is foreign to its essential purpose, which is to delight by exposing a point of view that does not intend to exhaust a theme, as would the literary genre merely expository of treaty; Therefore these indications are merely orientation.

Cover page
Types of essays

Literary Essays: This type of essay is characterized by the freedom and breadth of topics covered. Although they start from literary works or quotations, they are not limited to dealing with them exclusively, but are combined with observations, customs and experiences.

Scientific essay: this is characterized by combining artistic imagination with scientific reasoning. It can be said that on the one hand it takes from science the aim of exploring reality, in search of truths, while taking from art expressive beauty, originality and creativity.

Critical Essay: This class of essays is also characterized by tackling varied and free topics and is geared towards a broad audience. They tend to be brief although they seek to deal with the issues in depth.

Argumentative essay: this type of essay aims to defend a proposed thesis and seeks to convince the reader of this position. It uses a simple, formal and cultured language, in which a natural style predominates.

Steps to write an essay
Select a theme
Identify the extent to which the topic is to be developed
Generate a list of main and secondary ideas
Search Information
Write the information using your own style, without forgetting the orthographic norms.

Use connectors between sentences (late, soon, next, then last, nonetheless)
Format your essay according to the correct citation guidelines. All ideas and quotes borrowed must be quoted correctly in the body of your text, followed with a Cited Jobs (References) page that lists the details of your sources
Then verify that:
Your writing maintains coherence and common thread
Your ideas are presented in a clear and interesting way
There is a logical sequence of ideas
Maintains correct spelling, accent and punctuation.
By reviewing it, you can appreciate his personal style.
Create cover
Add title
Do the index
Add personal conclusions and bibliography.

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