Essay on the importance of color in the life of man

Undoubtedly, since animals appeared on earth endowed with sense organs; Is one of the most relevant sight because thanks to him they established a relationship with the outside world that allowed them to know the terrain, to distinguish the danger, to see their hunting and therefore their food; It is harder to know which animals distinguished the color of the environment and it is not until the most rational of the animals appears that we can have the conviction that the colors influenced in their life and decisions. This animal is man.

The color is light, beauty, harmony and delight of sight, but it is above all, psychic balance, comfort and education. We can imagine how the older men learned by sight of the colors, many of the natural phenomena, they knew the blue of the sky and the darkness of the night, the green of the fields, the arid yellow of the deserts, the cold white of Glaciers and red blood. Also these colors had to warn them the seasons of the year and even the changes of climate as perceived. Thus the colors of the nature must have influenced directly in its development, being born the taste and predilection by some. The same nature lavish in elements, it was the one that baked the raw material so that the colors were manipulated by the men, provoking to be painted, later the necessity of shelter the reason to use the colors of their preference in the clothes and the passage of time ; Of the knowledge and perfection of this practice established that certain clothes of color were used in galas, festejos, sorrows and wars.
The home of our days not only requires color to embellish and animate, but color that meets the psychological needs of those who live with it. The choice of color is based on static factors and also on the psychic, cultural, social and economic factors.

This is how throughout the history the colors have influenced, in the fashion, in the tastes, in the celebrations more always, have been linked to the mood.

Nowadays it is known that colors awaken feelings and feelings, so there are reassuring ones like blue, cleanness and purity like white, passionate like red, etc.

Color in the arts is the most valuable means for a work to convey the same sensations that the artist experiences in front of the original scene or motif; Using color with a good knowledge of its nature and effects and it will be possible to express joyfully or sadly, luminous or gloomy, calm or exalted, etc.
Nothing can tell as much or as well of the personality of an artist, the character and qualities of his creative mind as the use and distribution of its colors, the tendencies of these and their contrasts and the music contained therein.

The color in architecture and decoration unfolds in the same way as in the art of painting, although in its performance goes much further because its purpose is specific, can serve to favor, highlight, conceal and even conceal, to create a Feeling exciting or quiet, to mean temperature, size, depth or weight and like music, can be deliberately used to awaken a feeling. Color is the magic that transforms, alters and embellishes everything or, when misused, can upset, disrupt and even negate the beautiful quality of richer materials. Color, like any other technique, also has its own, And it is subject to certain laws, that knowing them it will be possible to master the art of harmony, to know the useful means that serve to avoid the monotony in a chromatic combination, to stimulate the faculty of the selective taste and to affirm the sensibilities.El intellectual level, the taste Of the community, location and climate also influence the choice of scheme and also the purpose or purpose of each piece. But among all these factors of color, perhaps the most important is the psychological, why do we rejoice, restless, reassure or depress a particular set or color combination?

The colors of the interior must be specifically psychological, rested or stimulating because the color influences the spirit and the body, the character and the mood and even the acts of our life; The change of a color scheme simultaneously affects our temperament and consequently our behavior.
Because colors affect us psychically it is important to mention that one of the important factors in the application of color psychology is personality, as each color reflects characteristics of behavior, character, personality and temperament.
Each individual as the word indicates is unique and different from others, we may have characteristics in common, but we can never be identical to each other, what makes the difference are the particular traits of each person, which are formed by different factors such as Sex, age, culture, etc. Giving rise to the formation of a character, influencing this the temperament, which are the innate reactions that each person presents to different situations. The above factors conclude in the personality, being this unrepeatable and unequaled for each individual.

Colors are part of our daily life from birth until we die, finding them in buildings and decorations of these, in nature, in the things we use, in people, fashion and even in colloquial expressions. Such is the importance they have in our life that they have dedicated years of study to the coherent and justified explanation of the effect they have on people, taking advantage sometimes of these qualities of color, for cases like advertising, design and art .



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