Essay on Love

Love is the biggest door through which you can search for what you have always wanted and where you can deposit what has never been given – because you never thought to have it – the one who loves knows that you will not always find a hug and an open heart And he who has never loved, knows sooner or later can learn without hurting himself. However the one who has already loved knows that nothing is certain. Love is a kind of dream, which can last a day, a month a year or a body. But even the one who loves knows that in the process he may cry of love, madness, despair, caprice or other things necessary for character and that the essence of love is not to give or receive, but to believe. The one who loves knows that he will never receive what he gives, because he knows that the person to whom he has chosen is that: a choice, no more than a simple and relative choice, but that love is not in choosing or possessing, is not In nothing by itself, but on the contrary, it is in what is not chosen, is in what is not seen, in what is not heard, in what is not idolized, is in the common, in the daily, in The everyday, in the mundane.

Likewise, the one who loves is willing to hate, knows that in the same body are God and Satan, knows that in the very heart is evil and goodness, knows that smiles walk with tears, and that a Provocative act can awaken and put them to measure strength.

The mistress can wait anxiously for the results of what she has sown, she can spend a lifetime, but love is not a tree that will bear fruit, it is a dry seed that must not be paid, because it does not bear fruit, because love is represented With happiness and happiness is not a goal, it is a way of life. But who knows how to love, does not expect fruits, knows that anyone can die in the attempt to live, and that each lover is free to reciprocate, and, despite He will never believe that the person he loves does what he is supposed to do, because he will always feel that he does what he would be expected to do, but he does not do what he wants to do.

The one who loves does not use catches dreams, because love is not superstition, it is a simple surrender, where dreams are not abnormal, but livable. The one who truly loves, does not expect rewards, in fact the one who loves, only loves because everything that is delivered is in a way, and perhaps has believed to see reciprocity, but in reality only sees with the eyes of what it gives, and not He feels with the intention of what he receives. The one who loves believes in ghosts, because although he does not know if they exist, he is always aware of what he does not know, he trusts his instinct enough not to regret having lost the way, Not to surrender more than he is willing to suffer, because he knows he can be happy all his life, but no one else can assure him.

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