Essay on how does technology influence adolescence.

Technology can be a productive phenomenon if it is used in a controlled way. Otherwise, an uncontrollable addiction may result. Technology influences adolescence in a particular way. Although there is a tendency for this response to be the same for many cases, there may be exceptions, but it is true that most have at least one addiction to technology. Many teenagers get carried away by new trends, for example by new social networks like Facebook or Twitter without using them correctly wasting their time inordinately. Although there are teenagers who consider the excessive use of technology a fraudulent space to be developed, it should be noted that most do not usually think this way.

Cell phones are the typical case of excessive addiction, since teenagers spend all their time reading messages or being on the Internet, or chatting through this great network with their friends. Cellular games can also cause a desire to be long with this device.
Another clear example is the use of the computer to connect to the Internet. Teenagers can spend a lot of time playing online games and this can cause a lot of damage to these individuals because they can not control themselves. It may be more serious than it actually seems since the mentality of young people 30 years ago is not the same as that of teenagers now with new technological advances. There is definitely a new way of thinking that is related to the innovations that have been presented since the last 10 to 5 years.

Also another great addiction from the influence of technology in adolescence is linked to video game consoles such as the Xbox 360 or the PlayStation 3. Young people are a lot of time playing these games and do not realize how valuable It’s the time. I do not say that it is wrong to play this type of consoles, but it is too much.

So, it can be said that people of this young age, do not find their limits to be able to deal with the technology that so much catches them. The world of new innovations comes before the insufficient experience of people who are surprised at every moment by the advances of technology.

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